:: The History of the Hobbit Cafe: Beginning in 1972 ::

   A Little About the Shire-on-Richmond

The Hobbit Cafe has been serving legendary food since January 1972. Over the years, the menu has evolved greatly, although many of the original items still remain very popular. 
For the first 6 years, the menu was vegetarian, with the addition of egg salad and cheese. Today's menu is a combination of tasty seafood like fish tacos and blackened Tilapia, as well as chicken varieties, mexican dishes, angus beef and buffalo meat; our homemade soy patties and black bean patties also serve as excellent alternatives for burger substitutes.
In addition, we have also added to the sandwich group with eclectic creations, while including more varieties in our salads; at the same time, our fresh fruit smoothies continued its popularity, and our daily different offering of vegetarian soup always kept our customers coming back for more.
With a large wooden deck shaded by a giant oak tree, and with an ever-changing list of interestingly delightful "Hobbit-quality" beers and wines, it is always a place to relax and enjoy the Hobbit adventure.
Brunch is served in addition to the regular menu on Saturdays and Sundays. Following its popularity among our customers, we have even officially extended our brunch hours till 2:00 PM on these two days, although sometimes, if luck is on your side, we may still be serving Brunch a little past 2:00 PM, depending on various factors.
Some of our guests over the years have included Mama Cass (formerly with the Mamas and the Papas), Peter Max, Neil Young, Governor Connally, Jack Nicholson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Depeche Mode, and Woody Harrelson. 
We strive to serve all our customers within the traditions of the Hobbit, where friendliness, care, and love for good food and drink, all add to the hospitable merry style of the Hobbit!
On behalf of everyone at the Hobbit . . . 
We welcome you and look forward to serving you!